Ever wish you had that extra bounce in your step again? Are you just not losing that extra weight? Have you ever tried to eat a whole bag of carrots? Juicing gives you a super boost of nutrients that are easily absorbed and put to good use in the body. Some people will try and dismiss a juice detox as some sort of crazy fast…those same people probably drink an exceptional amount of coffee & alcohol, have erratic eating habits & fill themselves with empty calories that deplete rather than nourish the body. Keep positive and add juicing to your lifestyle to ensure an epic way of life.
IT’S A MENTAL GAME as well as physical Psych yourself up for 3 days before you start. If your mind isn’t prepared, your body will most probably fail. 3 days before you’re set to start, think about the positive effects the cleanse will have on your body, & prepare yourself to eat clean, healthy foods and drinks.
‘Hey, I’m not going to eat for 3-7 days so I’m going to grab a burger, a bottle of wine and pick up a box of choccies on the way home.” Do NOT do this…you need to ease into a cleanse and prepare your body or your first day will be hell. Start eating clean a few days before your cleanse.
They are that way for a reason. If you drink all the fruit juices in a row, your blood sugar will spike and crash. You will feel like s%#! & it will make it tough to carry on.
Yes, it is possible to feel full from just juice. Your body needs every nutrient so drink up.
If you have a bottle of green juice at your desk & admit to doing a juice detox, you might have co-workers who say you’re crazy or taunt you with food. Your friends might be annoyed that you can’t meet for dinner or drinks. There will be those who go on about how they ‘could never do that’ & think they’re somehow better than you for not taking care of their body. Don’t listen to them…They’re jealous of your willpower…or they just admire your strong character.
And cupboards. And desk drawers. And fridge. It’s best to do this a few days before, like when you’re grocery shopping for the week, so that you’re already rid of any processed or fatty foods by the time the cleanse starts. If you have a ton of junk food but don’t want to throw it out, offer it to friends, co-workers or the local children’s home. When the temptation isn’t even there, it’s MUCH easier to avoid cheating on your cleanse.

You should be drinking 8 glasses of H20 daily, but up your water intake while you’re on a cleanse to about 2 liters per day. Not only will your body function better, but you’ll also be clearing out any toxins you have in your body.

Consider this: how many times you eat because you are bored, not because you’re hungry? If you’re anything like the majority of the population, the answer is more often than not “all the time.” Plan to be busy for a good portion on your day so that you don’t binge just because you are bored. A great trick: paint your nails when you’re free so that you have to wait for them to dry before you can snack. That way, you’ll have a lot of time to think about why you’re eating before you do something you’ll regret
Depending on your regular diet, a cleanse may be a complete shock to your system. Eliminating coffee & sugar from your daily diet could cause headaches, nausea & more… BUT if you stick with the cleanse past the first few days, you’ll absolutely begin to feel better. Your body needs to detox from caffeine & sugars, but once it learns how to create energy on its own again, you’ll be able to sustain a full day without a latte.
This is a tough one so our suggestion is to start a cleanse on the weekend (if you know that you can relax without stress). After the first couple of days you’ll be able to handle stress again, but a high anxiety level while you can’t emotionally eat & you are having a really bad headache is just setting you up for failure
Gentle yoga, Pilates or a relaxing run will be great to get the endorphins going. Just because you’re resting doesn’t mean you should be a couch potato & your body should still be moving and stretching while you’re on a cleanse to keep things functioning properly. Plus you won’t go into shock afterwards if you keep exercising during your cleanse.
Think of your body like a fuel tank: if you’re putting in less fuel, you’re going to have less energy, especially in the first few days of the cleanse. So don’t try running any marathons or spending double time at the office. Make sure you are getting 8 hours of sleep a night & you’re not overexerting yourself during the day.
You spent 3-7 days getting your body back on track (and a decent monetary investment). Why ruin it & go back to square one? You will probably be feeling so great that you won’t even be craving that caffeine rush or fatty burger…but all it takes is one bite.
Don’t. Applaud yourself for a job well done and ease back into a healthy diet. You can always do another cleanse later. Build up to it.
Once you have completed your juice detox, you should be very proud of yourself for finishing. It’s an accomplishment… OWN IT!
Your tummy would have shrunk so…carry on with light meals… Day 1 Eat fruit and veg only. Day 2 Add brown rice & protein like eggs, fish and full fat yoghurt Day 3 Small portions of fish, chicken or meat with salad or soup

You have done phenomenal work over the past few days. Your challenge is to maintain your new found healthy way of life with regular cleansing & to make healthy eating part of your exceptional & lifestyle. Thank you for choosing Juices as a companion on your journey to health. Follow us on Facebook for inspirational posts, exercise tips & good food recipes.
Remember to be great…always…
Megan Holden
The Juice Company