1-2 days before you start your juice detox, eat light meals made up of fruit and veggies and very small meat portions, try a little fish if possible.  This will help get your body ready for the cleanse.

You get 6 juices a day, you need to drink them in 2 hour increments, i.e. starting at 8 in the morning.  Just think ‘Robot’ as the detox begins with green for ‘Go’, then we have an ORANGE light and we stop at the RED.

Green: 8am & 10am

Orange: 12pm & 2pm

Red: 4pm & 6pm

Before, during and after each juice…250ml of water (preferably lemon water) needs to be consumed.  Any caffeine free teas are great too, including rooibos, ginger, comfrey, chamomile to name a few (no milk, sweetener or sugar is added).

A few fine slices of apple, watermelon, cucumber or pineapple are allowed as a snack in the evening if you feel like you need to chew on something while doing your juice detox.